Liquid Marijuana


Liquid Marijuana
After having several people tell me how tasty this cocktail is, I knew that it was worth a try.  For me, it's difficult not to like any cocktail containing Malibu Rum, and this gem is no exception.  It's a smooth drink that has a nice balance of sweet and tartness.  We hope that you'll give it a try, our featured cocktail... Liquid Marijuana.  Cheers!
.75 oz. Light Rum
.75 oz. Blue Curacao
.75 oz. Apple Pucker
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix
Cherry to garnish
Put all of the ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, shake well, pour into a Collins glass, garnish with a Cherry, insert a long straw, and get ready to chill... big time, with our featured cocktail... Liquid Marijuana.  Enjoy!