Licor 43 Mini Beers ('14 Super Bowl Edition)


Licor 43 Mini Beers ('14 Super Bowl Edition)
Our friends at Licor 43 have come up with  mock mini beers that you can serve at your Super Bowl party.  These "shooters" consist of the tasty Licor 43 in the bottom of the glass, with a splash of cream on top.  By itself, it truly has the appearance of a "Mini Beer", but you can color the cream (orange for Denver, green for Seattle) to give your guests a choice of which team to root for.  They're delicious, and a fun way to get your Super Bowl party into the spirit of things.  We hope that you'll enjoy our featured cocktail, the... Licor 43 Mini Beers.  Cheers! 

     (per shot)

1.5 oz. Licor 43  (Citrus/Vanilla flavored Liqueur)
.5 oz Cream (Half & Half)
Food coloring (optional)
Pour the Licor 43 into a Shot glass.  If you want to "theme color" the cream, simply add a small drop of food coloring to the Cream to get your desired color.  Slowly pour the chilled Cream into the glass. It should stay on top to give the appearance of a head on a beer.  They're simple, tasty, and sure to be a big hit at any party.  Bottoms up, to the Licor 43 Mini Beers!  Please drink responsibly.  Thank you!