Featured Bartender...Tonya Russell


                    Tonya Russell



Currently (Sept. 2015) tending bar at:

Mike's Break Room 


Drink of choice?

Rumple Minz


Favorite drink to make?

Swedish Fish

(Vodka, Blackberry Schnapps, Cranberry Juice...mmm)


Least favorite drink to make?

Anything with cream


Best tip? (not necessarily $$$)



Most famous customer?

LL (Moma said knock you out) Cool J


Best kept bartenders secret?

Don't snap, yell, or whistle at me.

   (Great words to live by)

Favorite sports team?

Whoever is winning :)


You may recognize Tonya from her years of slinging drinks at the legendary Kokomos.  She's still going strong and looking better than ever!  Thanks to our Featured Bartender...Tonya Russell...!!!